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Change the Quota Limit

Quota limit for the address defines amount of mail (in Megabyte) which can be saved in mailbox.  After the limit has passed over, every incoming email will sent back to the sender with a message that states the mailbox is already full.

When the quota is already full, the incoming email will be saved in server for 48 hours before it will be deleted.  Those emails will not be sent to your inbox before you delete old emails.  When the quota is full, this will prevent you to receive email, therefore, it’s important to understand of using quota.

Note: you can’t exceed the quota which has been set by your web host.  Because the mail server disturbance, you can’t set the quota over 2048 MB.  Quota that exceeds this limit should be unlimited.

To change quota mail:

  1. Click Change Quota.
  2. Type new email quota (in Megabyte) in the available box.  For account unlimited, click Unlimited.
  3. Click Change Quota to save the new value.

If you don’t want to change quota, click Cancel.

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