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Activating Spam Box

Activating Spam Box will add new folder named “spam” where spam will be sent to.  It is very useful to save email which SpamAssassin might make mistake when filtering email.  We suggest you to activate this feature.

This feature equipped with Clear Spam Box function which will delete messages in spam box.  If you want to deactivate spam box, go back to SpamAssassin page and click Disable Spam Box button.

Note: if you check your email using POP3 client, you should access and empty the spam box by username youraddress@example.com/spam and your email account password.  If not, spam will be accumulated and will exceed your email account quota.

  • Only spam box which able to access by using the format above and there are no other folder in your account can be accessed that way.
  • Although this causes fewer problems for IMAP and webmail user, all users should check and delete the content in spam box periodically.
  • If you are not sure whether you use POP3 or IMAP to send email, you may find the information about it at Preferences screen in your email application.

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