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Adding FTP account

Adding FTP account will let user to access folder domain which exist in server’s harddisk.

To make FTP account:

  1. Insert/type username.
  2. In Password box, type account password.
  • Use safe password.  A good password is not taken from dictionary, and consists of numbers, characters/letters, and symbols combination.
  •  To help you get safe password, you can use Password Generator button.
  1. Retype your password in Password (again) box.
  2. Determine the home directory from FTP account.
  3. Set the disk quota.  Quota determines how much the space of the harddisk which will be allocated to FTP account.
  4. Click Create FTP Account.


If you encounter problem when uploading file through FTP, you might adjust the quota so then the harddisk will have enough space for your account.

Note:  you can’t exceed your harddisk quota which has been allocated by your hosting.   When you already use all of the space in your harddisk, you should upgrade your hosting account or erase the files which no longer used.

After the new account made, the account should appear at the list below.  This list has 4 functions:

  • Change password
  • Set quota
  • Erase account
  • Configures FTP client

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