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FTP Account Chart Management

This chart lets you to do some functions to your existing FTP account.

  • To search specific account, type the keyword in the box and click search.  The cPanel will only show the account which consist of the typed keyword.
  • To see the account which match with your criteria, click Clear Search.

Deleting FTP Account

To delete the FTP Account:

  1. Click Delete in FTP account which intended to be deleted
  2. Confirm that you truly intended to delete FTP account.  You have 3 choices:
  • Delete Account – this will deletes the FTP account, only left the remaining files which inside the home directory of FTP account.
  • Delete Account and Files – this will delete both FTP account and all files which exist in home directory.
  • Cancel – this will cancel deleting the FTP account.

Edit the Quota of FTP Account

Quota limits the data which uploaded by user to your server.  To change the FTP account quota:

  1. Click Change Quota for the FTP account which the quota desired to be changed
  2. Choose FTP Quota fill amount of the quota, or click Unlimited

Note: Users can’t upload files more than total disk space for your hosting account, apart from the quota which have been set here.

  1. Click Change Quota.

Change FTP Account Password

To change FTP account password:

  1. Click Change Password to the FTP account that want to be changed.
  2. Type new password in the Password box.
  • Use safe password.  A good password is not taken from dictionary, and consists of numbers, characters/letters, and symbols combination.
  • To help you get safe password, you can use Password Generator button.
  1. Retype your password in Password (again) box.
  2. Click Change Password

Observe FTP Log

If you want to see anyone who accesses your website through FTP, you can look out this information in the log file access for your website.

You can download the file from Raw Access Logs screen.  FTP Log named ftp_log

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