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Advanced DNS Zone Editor

Advanced DNS Zone Editor

DNS is an internet component which change domain’s name (example.com) into IP address (such as  It is match with DNS zone file which inside your server.

There are some types of domain zone file.  This feature allows you to create, modify, and delete A record, CNAME record, and EXT record.

Reset Zone Files

Note: This feature will delete existing modification you have made for record zone, either using this feature or using Simple DNS Zone Editor.  Before using this feature, make sure you already recorded the changes that you may want to be saved.

To reset DNS file to default:

  1. Click checkbox at Are you sure you want to erase all entries and revert to the default state?
  2. Click Reset Zone File.

Add Record

To add record:

  1. Select domain from drop-down menu.
  2. Type record name at Name.
  3. Type record’s time to live at TTL box.

    Time to live decides how long specific record saved in memory, in seconds before refreshed.

  4. Select record type:
    • A record is DNS record which is responsible to mapping host name into IP address.  A record is important that enable DNS server to identify and find your website also various services in internet.  Without A record, your visitors are not able to access website, FTP server or email account.  Note: cPanel has configured DNS record, then the visitor able to access website and other services (FTP, email, etc.).  A record can be added only if you add service which not provided b cPanel or your webhost.
    • CNAME record or “canonical name record” creates alias which allows server query to continuing DNS lookup with new name.
    • TXT record is a text record that contains specific information which will be read by server query.  It will bring useful data for SPF or DomainKeys email authentication system.
  5. Type record’s name at Address.
  6. Click Add A Record.

Edit Record

To modify record:

  1. Click Edit at the record you wish to edit.
  2. Change Name, TTL Type, or Address that fits with your need.
  3. Click Edit Record to save the changes you done.

Delete record

To delete record:

  1. Click Delete to the record you wish to delete.
  2. Click Delete to confirm that the record will be completely deleted.

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