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Create Redirect

    1. Use pull-down menu to select needed redirection type: temporary or permanent.
      • Temporary 302, the setting will not affect visitor’s bookmark.
      • Permanent 301, the setting will inform visitor’s browser to renew the script.
    2. Set the URL you wish to redirect using pull-down menu and proper text box.
      • You can select All Public Domains to redirect all domain which controlled by cPanel account.
    3. Decide how the user accesses the URL, in Redirects To box.
      • You have to set the protocol in this section, such as http://, https://, or ftp://
    4. Decide whether using www.or not to redirect.
      • If you select Only Redirect with WWW, only user who type with www in front of page name will be redirect.
      • If you select Only Redirect without WWW, you will redirect all users, whether type www in front of page name or not.
      • If you select Do Not Redirect WWW, user who type www will not redirected.
    5. Click Wild Card Redirection if you want redirect all files in the directory for the files with  similar name in specific directory.
      • Example: if the wild card redirect is active, when example1.com redirect to example.com, the visitor who try to access example1.com/pic.jpg will be redirect to example.com/pic.jpg.
    6. Click Add
      • You can test the redirect by clicking below the Directory at Current Redirect chart.  If it is configured correctly, it will bring you to the original domain which should be redirected.

Note:  you can’t edit the redirect.  If you want to modify redirect, you need to delete it first and create new.

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