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Add Auto Responder

To add auto responder:

  1. Click Add Autoresponder to create new Autoresponder, or you can find any existing autoresponder and click Edit.
  2. Select character set.
  3. Set interval, you wish the autoresponder must wait until one hour between the responses to the same email address.
    • When you create auto responder with 24 intervals, and you received email from john@example.com at Monday 8 a.m., the auto responder will respond the email immediately.  But, if john@example.com keep forwarding the email along the day, it is automatically send no more respond in 24 hours after the first email (in this case Tuesday 8 a.m.)  If he sent you more email after 24 hours passed, he will receive the auto respond.
  4. Decide the email address which will be responded by auto respond system.
  5. In Form and Subject, type desired username and subject to be shown at respond.
  6. If the message contains HTML tag, click HTML checkbox.
  7. Type respond text in Body field.
  8. Click Create/Modify to save new auto respond.

Inside the message body, you can a put tags between percent (%) symbol.  This tag can be used to insert information such as incoming sender or subject to email body.  The available tags are:

  • %subject% - message subject sent by auto responder.
  • %from% - sender’s name received by auto responder if available.  (if sender’s name were not received, %from% will print  the address of email sender).
  • %email% - sender’s email address.

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