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Default Address

These default addresses will receive email which sent to valid email account for the existing domain this time.  Default Address usually called (catch-all address).

This will allow you to decide how the default address handle the incoming message.

Set Up a Default Address

To set up default address:

    1. Click the domain which you want to set its default address.
    2. Click one of these choices:
      • Forward to email address – input address in the textbox.  You don’t have to type “@” and domain name.
      • Discard with error to sender – input error message to the sender in order to be read.
    3. You can also click Advance Options:
      • Ignore incoming message without automatic respond.  (Note: this option is not recommended due to the sender did not realize that the sending process is failed).
      • Forward message to the program automatically by defines the path to program, such as /home/utility$, in Pipe to Program field.
      • Forward the incoming message to system account.
    4. Click Change.

      Note: if your domain is already targeted by spammer, forward the message to default address will tend to bigger the chance of resulting spam.

      Using Pipe for Program Selection:

      If you select the option to pipe incoming messages into a program, make sure that your script is using permission (755).  To change the permission script:

      • chmod 755 myscript.php where the myscript.php are the file’s name and your script location.

You need to sure that you use right hashbang.

    • #!/usr/bin/php –q – for PHP
    • #!/usr/bin/perl – For Perl.

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