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Add Email Address

How to add new email address:

    1. Type desired email address in Email column.
      • If you want to manage more than one domain (several domain), make sure that you chose proper domain from pull-down menu.
    2. Type password in Password column.
    3. Type password once more in Password (Again) column.
      • You can click Password Generator link to get good password.  For more information, read the documentation about Password Generator.
    4. Fill the quota in Quota Mailbox column.
      • Quota defines how much harddisk space to be allocated for this account.
      • Because of mail server disturbance, the quota can’t be more than 2048 MB, you should change to unlimited if it is more than 2048 MB.
    5. Click Create Account. 

      Available address will be shown on the chart. With this chart, you are allowed to:

      • To find out how much space in the harddisk used by this account.
      • Change password.
      • Change the limit of the quota.
      • Delete email address.
      • Access account through webmail.
      • Configures mail client.

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