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Configures Email Client

This feature will automatically configure your email client to access your cPanel email address. An email client allows you to access your email account from the application in your computer.  Outlook Express and Apple Mail are the examples of email client.  To access this feature, click More button which is match with the email account.

Note: you should own installed mail client application to your computer so you can configure it automatically using CPanel.

To configure mail client:

  1. Select and download matched configuration file from the list.
  2. Run the file script, it will configure the mail client automatically for the selected address.  When the configuration is done, your mail client should be able to automatically open and login to your account address.

Note:  if you want to use imprinted mail client in this interface, you should configure it manually by yourself.  For more information about mail client manual configuration, review the documentation from the mail client you desire to be used.  The outline documentation can be found in the mail client’s website.

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